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Derek has a passion for working with dedicated players striving to reach their golfing potential.

Having worked with top amateurs, collegiate and PGA Tour players, Derek is a recognized global leader in elite putting instruction.

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Customized Training

Derek and his team customize their coaching to every individual student based upon their skill level, goals and commitment.

Game Planing

Every student is provided with a specific Game Plan in order to ensure maximum results on the golf course.

Motivation and support

Beyond the X's & O’s, we believe it’s important to keep our students motivated throughout the learning process.

On-Going Learning

Golf is a game of that requires never ending improvement and learning in order to achieve your potential.

Derek Uyeda
Coaching Services

Derek and his team offer a variety of coaching services based on each student’s goals, skill level and commitment. When not traveling on tour with students, Derek and his team are available for in-person coaching in both San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

Train at The Grand GC in Del Mar, CA

Tour Level Facilities

From the 5,000-square-foot driving range with two large tees at each end to the secluded short game practice area complete with two bunkers and a green, players can attempt a variety of shots from different mounds, lengths and breaks. An additional separate putting green near the first hole offers yet another option for fine-tuning.

Putting Plates

Created by Derek Uyeda and his team, The Putting Plates are designed to assist golfers of all abilities in perfecting their aim, ball starting line and green reading.

Trusted worldwide by numerous touring professionals and collegiate golfers, we know that The Putting Plates are the right tool to help you perfect your putting.


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