How your Understanding of Swing Direction can straighten your ball flight

First of all many golfers will ask what on earth is swing direction???


Most amateur golfers by now will have heard of the evolution of Trackman in the golfing world. The data can be very useful when it is used effectively, however misusing the information can be equally catastrophic in some cases.


This is why it is paramount for golfers to fully understand the information and how it is relevant to their golf swing and their tendencies.


We at The Golf Room pride ourselves on educating all of our golfers on the key points they need to focus on individually, so they can become their own best coaches.


Swing Direction is a vital parameter when analyzing a swing and a golfers ball flight


In essence Swing Direction is “the direction the clubhead is moving at the lowest point of the swing.”


If you can imagine the swing as a tilted Hula Hoop (from knee height to knee height) the Swing direction is the direction the “base of the hulahoop” is pointed relative to the target line



For a draw ball flight pattern we are looking to achieve anything between +2 and +6 (for a right handed golfer) and for a fade anything between -2 and -6 would be ideal.


If the swing direction becomes excessively negative (-7 or higher for a right handed golfer) the player will typically struggle with big slices and pulled shots to the left.


If the opposite is the case the player will hook or push shots because their swing direction will be anywhere above +7 or higher (for a right handed golfer)


During your next session at The Golf Room ask yourself the following vital questions so you can understand how you can improve your golf swing


What Ball Flight am I trying to hit?

What Swing Direction and path does this require?

What causes my swing direction and club path to become inefficient?


If any of these questions remain unanswered please dont hesitate to contact us at the golf room or feel free to email me at


Happy Golfing


Mitch Farrer – Golf Room Coach


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